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  • Mar
    Piezoelectric gyroscope

    Piezoelectric gyroscope is a product of computer popularization and sensor technology development. Typical features are: measuring probe circuit is simple and reliable, only accurate to collect the sensor response value (electrical signal), communication, by the ground computer memory, storage data,

  • Mar
    Knock Sensor-piezoelectric ceramic sensor

    Knock sensor installed in the middle of the engine cylinder to four-cylinder machine as an example installed in the 2-cylinder and 3-cylinder, or 1, 2 cylinder in the middle of a 3,4-cylinder middle one. Its role is used to determine the engine jitter, when the engine is used to adjust the ignition

  • Mar
    The applications of the ultrasonic imaging technology

    Ultrasound imaging is the use of ultrasonic sound beam scanning the human body, through the reflection of the signal reception, processing, in order to obtain the image of the body organs. Commonly used ultrasound equipment has a variety of: A type (amplitude modulation type) is the level of the amp

  • Feb
    ultrasound imaging: the application of the ultrasonic transducer

    Ultrasound imagingUltrasound medicine is a combination of acoustics, medicine, optics and electronics. Where the study of higher than the audible frequency of acoustic technology, in the field of medical applications that is the ultrasound medicine. Including ultrasound diagnosis, ultrasound therap

  • Feb
    Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor-Knock Sensor

    Knock sensor is used to detect the engine engine block deflagration strength. Once the deflagration occurs, the ECU is instructed to delay the ignition and turn to the closed timing control of the ignition timing in order to adjust the ignition timing.Installed in the cylinder on the specific detect

  • Feb
    Progress of Underwater Acoustic Transducer

    Progress of Underwater Acoustic TransducerSince the 1960s, in order to achieve the sonar remote detection, the development of a number of new materials, structural vibration and energy conversion mechanism; the development of the work in low-frequency, broadband, high power and deep water transmitte

  • Feb
    Ultrasonic Acoustic Transducer for Marine Detection

    With the deepening of marine development, the related technologies for underwater exploration have been paid more and more attention. The key technologies of underwater acoustic detection are underwater acoustic transducer and signal processing. Underwater acoustic remote control system framework, a

  • Jan
    The Principle of Ultrasonic Distance Meter

    Ultrasonic distance meter is mainly measured by the speed of sound, the naked eye can not see the injection line. There is a pointing device on the device. When the instrument is aimed at the target to be measured, it will appear on the display screen of the ultrasonic distance meter.Ultrasonic wave

  • Jan
    Piezoceramic Applications: Ultrasonic Fish Finder

    Ultrasonic fish finder device uses the ultrasonic cavitation effect to produce lethality, ultrasonic action in the liquid can produce a large number of small bubbles. The utility model relates to an ultrasonic fishing machine, which is used for controlling the transmission and driving circuit, and a

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