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  • May
    What you need to know about focused ultrasound transducers
    A focused ultrasound transducer is an advanced device that uses ultrasound energy for non-invasive treatment and diagnosis. By focusing ultrasound waves to a specific small area, this transducer can accurately deliver high energy without damaging surrounding tissues, and is used in a variety of medi
  • May
    Piezo Ceramic Plate: A Key Component in Modern Technology
    What is Piezo Ceramic Plate?A Piezo Ceramic Plate is a type of transducer that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, or vice versa, based on the piezoelectric effect. Here's an overview of its definition, structure, and working principle: Piezo Ceramic Plate Definition:A Piezo Ceramic P
  • Nov
    To Explore The Preparation And Application of 1-3 Composites
    Piezoelectric composite materials are a crucial class of materials with extensive applications in various fields, including industrial non-destructive testing, medical diagnostics, and biomedical engineering.
  • Nov
    Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor: Revolutionizing Pressure Measurement
    A piezoelectric pressure sensor is a specialized sensor that harnesses the piezoelectric effect, which is the generation of an electric charge in certain materials when subjected to mechanical stress or pressure.
  • Oct
    Soft PZT VS Hard PZT
    Do you know the difference between Hard PZT and Soft PZT? As a professional manufacturer of Hard PZT and Soft PZT, we will explain the difference between the two and help you choose the right PZT material.
  • Oct
    Application of piezoelectric ceramics in automotive field
    Are you looking for reliable piezoelectric ceramic components? This article will recommend the application of piezoelectric ceramics in the automotive field.
  • Sep
    What are Piezoelectric Transducers?
    As the top piezoelectric transducers manufacturer in China, Jude will introduce you what you need to know about piezoelectric transducers and help you choose the right piezoelectric transducers.
  • Sep
    What is Piezoelectric Composite Material?
    Definition and basic principles of Piezoelectric Composite MaterialPiezoelectric composite material is a composite material composed of piezoelectric crystals and non-piezoelectric materials, which has excellent piezoelectric and mechanical properties. Piezoelectric Composite Material The piezoelect
  • Aug
    How to choose a piezoelectric ceramic raw material manufacturer?
    As a professional piezoelectric ceramic raw material manufacturer in China, Jude will introduce you what you may be interested in about piezoelectric ceramic raw material. Help you choose the right piezoelectric ceramic raw material.
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