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Quality Control Procedures of the  Weifang Jude Electronics Co., Limited

First, the inspection of the raw materials into the factory

1. Purpose: to ensure the quality of the procured raw material, formulate the test procedures.

2. The scope of application: it is applicable to receiving inspection of raw materials used in piezoelectric ceramic chip production. 

3. Execution:  Quality inspection department and quality inspector are in charge of the inspection procedures.

4. Basis: The inspection is mainly based on ISO9000 standards, corporate standards and relevant technical documentation.

5. Inspection of piezoelectric components' raw materials: materials mainly including lead oxide, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, manganese oxide, lithium carbonate, barium carbonate, niobium oxide, cerium oxide, antimony trioxide, tin dioxide, silveretc.

6. Inspection requirements: inspect the specification and number of the products whether meet the requirements ; the piezo material supplier should provide inspection reports, quality assurance, materials lists and qualification etc of the raw material ; performance should be achieved in accordance with the requirements of first class electron  chemically pure or molecular pure;Visually,  packaging should be in good condition, no damage, with normal color, no particles and other impurities.

Part of the 
The quality inspection report of some material provided by the customer


Second, the quality control of the technological process

1. Purpose: To ensure product quality control in the production process, to ensure product quality be in line with the requirements of material design procedures.

2. The scope of application: it is applicable to process control of a piezoelectric ceramic  unit, device production.

3. Execution: workshop leader designated by the production department monitors implementation.

4. Basis: The technological procedure is mainly based on ISO9000 standards, corporate standards and relevant technical documentation.

5.The notice of production task: take customer orders as the standard, organizes of production and technical personnel to review the material, technical parameters, size, quantity,
delivery date of the orders to ensure orders meet the production requirements, then implement after sign by the manufacture head. 

6.Production flow chart of the piezoelectric ceramic:


7.The transfer card of the technological process: this card is filled from porcelain preparation based on the production task notice; , flow according to production process,;every process should inspect quality and quantity for the following products., defective products shall be truthfully recorded in the transfer cardThe manufacture head should find out the reasons and solve the quality problems with technical and inspection personnel.

Transfer card sample of products, output, and quality of piezoelectric ceramic of Weifang Jude Electronics Co., Limited

8. Product size control: including product external diameter, internal diameter, height; the tool should be inspected micrometer and dial calipers inspected by the quality supervision departments; measuring tools should be inspected yearly  and issue inspection reports.

Some of the measuring utensils used


9. Calculation of product density: density of the piezoelectric ceramic products is directly related to the use intensity and electrical properties of products, different material formulations performed should be according to the national standard, product density should reach 7.4-7.8 (103kg / m3) ,the density formula is: Weight (with digital weighing scales) / square value of the radius × 3.14

10. Testing before leaving the factory: the parameters of the piezoelectric ceramic components, piezoelectric ceramic sensors, piezoelectric ceramic transducer and other pizeo products will be tested, the qualified products meet the customer’s technical requirements can be  delivered to customers; defective products can not be delivered. The items to be detected is the relative dielectric constant (ε33T / ε0), the electromechanical coupling coefficient (KP), the piezoelectric strain constant (d33), the mechanical quality factor (Qm), the product capacity (Pf), the product of the frequency (HZ) the product of impedance (Ω), test equipment for the PV90, PV70 impedance analysis, d33 meter, digital frequency characteristics tester (SA1030D).
Sample of the test equipments and their performance test reports by Weifang Jude Electronics Co., Ltd. 



11. Packaging materials: Packaging materials include corrugated carton, plastic ziplock bag, capacitor paper etc.

12. Inspection requirements: Product Size should conform with the designed size; quantity should be accurate; packaging materials need to be printed clear, error-free printing,no foldover  and skew; crates free fall from one meter height should be no damage; plastic bags should be able to withstand twice the weight of the product without breakage.

13.The keeping of quality record-: the quality records of all quality should be kept for three years.

14The raw material should be weighed with thousandth balance.


15. Quality management system certification and production technology documents executed by the pizeoelectric company.

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