A manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics for multitude of electrical functions.
Systems Optimization
· Transducer design
· Custom assembly 
· Materials development
· Custom joint development programs 
Piezoelectric Ceramic Sphere
a manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics 
for  multitude of electrical functions.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer
Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer
a manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics 
for multitude of electrical functions.
Rechargeable Intelligent Ultrasonic Beauty Device
High hardness of pure stainless steel production, strong penetration, ultrasonic power, energy
Who We Are

Weifang Jude Electronic Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics for a multitude of electrical functions.

Its excellent manufacturing facilities and abundant technical strength ensures that products are of high quality. Many kinds of piezoelectric products and power transducers produced by the company have been widely used in high frequency components, powerful ultrasonic welding, washing, punching and sensitive ultrasonic fault detection. Other applications include length measuring, oil well measuring, flow meters and underwater sound, sonar etc. A good reputation has been built on the quality, reliability and coherence of the products. Read More 

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Quality Control Procedures of the Jude Electronics
1. Purpose: to ensure the quality of the procured raw material, formulate the test procedures.
2. The scope of application: it is applicable to receiving inspection of raw materials used in piezoelectric ceramic chip production. 
3. Execution:  Quality inspection department and quality inspector are in charge of the inspection procedures.
4. Basis: The inspection is mainly based on ISO9000 standards, corporate standards and relevant technical documentation.
5. Inspection of raw materials: materials mainly including lead oxide, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, manganese oxide,
lithium carbonate, barium carbonate, niobium oxide, cerium oxide, antimony trioxide, tin dioxide, silveretc.


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  • Piezo composite materialPiezoelectric composite material is a multi-phase material, which is a new material composed of piezoelectric material and high molecular polymer through a composite process. This material not only retains the characteristics of the original components, but also has the luck

  • Metal ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial nondestructive testing equipment, it can quickly, easily, without damage, accurate inside the workpiece a variety of defects (including longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, loose, pores, slag, etc.) detection, positioning , Assessment and di

  • The underwater acoustic transducer is operated by the piezoelectric effect of the crystal (quartz or potassium tartrate) piezoelectric ceramics (barium titanate and lead zirconate titanate) or the magnetostrictive effect of iron-nickel alloy. The so-called piezoelectric effect is to cut the crystal

  • The piezoelectric properties of ceramics were first discovered on barium titanate, but due to the difficulty of sintering pure barium titanate ceramics, and the Curie point (120 ℃), near room temperature (about 5 ℃) phase transition occurred, even if Change its doping characteristics, the piezoelect

  • Piezoelectric gyroscope is a product of computer popularization and sensor technology development. Typical features are: measuring probe circuit is simple and reliable, only accurate to collect the sensor response value (electrical signal), communication, by the ground computer memory, storage data,

  • Knock sensor installed in the middle of the engine cylinder to four-cylinder machine as an example installed in the 2-cylinder and 3-cylinder, or 1, 2 cylinder in the middle of a 3,4-cylinder middle one. Its role is used to determine the engine jitter, when the engine is used to adjust the ignition

  • Ultrasound imaging is the use of ultrasonic sound beam scanning the human body, through the reflection of the signal reception, processing, in order to obtain the image of the body organs. Commonly used ultrasound equipment has a variety of: A type (amplitude modulation type) is the level of the amp

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