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What you need to know about piezoelectric ceramics

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About piezoelectric ceramic

Manufacturers all over the globe are utilizing a wide range of different materials to make the products that businesses and individuals use today. From products that people use to clean their homes to gadgets that everyone uses to stay connected via the best telecommunications in an industry, there are a lot of specialized components that go into the make-up of anything that is released on the market.


Piezoelectric Ceramic Component 

Piezoelectric Ceramic Component


In fact, for about 30 years, some manufacturers have made piezoelectric ceramics for a number of reasons and purposes. However, the name that most people are used to hearing is PZT or Lead Zirconate Titanate instead because of its trade name. If you want to know how to order piezoelectric ceramics from a supplier, you can browse here:

lHow to order piezo ceramic from supplier?


With that being said, for those of you who want to learn more about piezoelectric ceramic, here's some information about the different types, characteristics of each, and the main applications for which they are used today.


What are the main types of piezoelectric ceramic?

Piezoelectric ceramic can be described in a number of different ways today. One of the most notable is its overall designation and the components that it contains in its composition. For instance, the make-up of piezoelectric ceramic usually consists of titanium oxide, lead oxide, zirconia, and other key components. Also, with the use of its properties, these ceramics are currently used in a variety of ways, including in the production of ultrasonic transducers, sensors, micro displacement devices as well as other types of electronic components. The most widely used types of piezoelectric ceramic materials are as follows:


lLead zirconate titanate (PZT)

lBarium titanate (BT)

lStrontium titanate (ST)


What are the characteristics of different types?

Each of the above 3 types can be distinguished and identified by its varying characteracteristics. And, here are some of the most notable things that you should know.


Lead zirconate titanate(PZT)

The lead zirconate titanate is also known interchangeably by the name ferroelectric. It is also used for a number of different reasons, including making FRAM chips, higher value capacitors made of ceramic, actuators, sensors, and ultrasound transducers. You will also see that the lead zirconate has also been designed by manufacturers to create ceramic resonators.


 Piezoelectric ceramic PZT-4 materials

Piezoelectric ceramic PZT-4 materials


Barium titanate (BT)

Barium titanate (BT) can be described as an inorganic compound. However, it is also composed of other materials, in particular the chemical formula BaTiO3. BT can be identified visually by different properties since it looks just like white powder in its overall appearance. On the other hand, when it is produced or presented as larger crystals, the appearance of BT is more transparent instead. You can also identify BT by other characteristics that it possesses since it’s a ferroelectric ceramic material that produces and displays both piezoelectric properties and a photorefractive effect.


Strontium titanate (ST)

ST or Strontium can be described as a material that can be used for a diversity of different things. Aside from its materials being used to make attractive jewelry stones, ST (strontium titanate) is also used in a number of essential gadgets and instruments. For instance, here is a list of products that manufacturers are producing today.


loptical instruments

lAdvanced ceramics


lhigh-voltage capacitors

lvoltage-dependent resistors

lsubstrates for superconductors


What is the Main Application Field of piezoelectric ceramic?

Because of the flexibility and the many uses of piezoelectric ceramics, you can find its application in a wide diversity of things across the globe. And, here are 3 of the most important used applications that have been achieved.


1. Voice changer

If you are interested in the devices that produce sound, you do not have to look far to find PZ. For instance, these materials are used as sound transducers for the following:





lUltrasonic sounders,

lUltrasonic flaw detectors



Voice changer



2. Piezo Detonator

It is also important to note that an anti-tank gun was invented for a number of purposes. One in specific ways to help soldiers fight against tank invasions. In fact, with this gun, the military can use this equipment to blow a tank into pieces.



3. Piezo lighter

The piezo lighter is a new type of technology that is being used in gas stoves today. It is used as an electronic lighter. All the user has to do is press the ignition button to ignite the flames from the gas. 


The piezoelectric ceramic elements have many applications, difference material type, dimension, production process have difference applications. Such as piezo tube can be used for NDT device, Piezo focused element can be used for medical device, piezo composite material can be used for medical arrays. Weifang jude electronic co.,ltd can provide customized service according to your requirements, as long as you provide the detailed specifications of the product you need, such as dimension, material type, application, electrode method, etc, then we can provide the product you want.


About Us

Weifang Jude Electronic Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality piezoelectric ceramics for a multitude of electrical functions. As a piezoelectric ceramic material supplier, we provide piezoelectric ceramic components,   piezoelectric ceramic sensors, ultrasonic transducers, and other piezoelectric ceramic products. 


weifang jude 



Its excellent manufacturing facilities and abundant technical strength ensure that products are of high quality. Many kinds of piezoelectric products and power transducers produced by the company have been widely used in high-frequency components, powerful ultrasonic welding, washing, punching, and sensitive ultrasonic fault detection.


Other applications include length measuring, oil well measuring, flow meters and underwater sound, sonar, etc. A good reputation has been built on the quality, reliability and coherence of the products.


If you are looking for a reliable piezoelectric ceramic supplier, we are willing to provide you with high quality products and excellent service, if you need more help please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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