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ultrasonic flow meter insertion type


Ultrasonic Insertion Flow Meter 

Ultrasonic insertion flow sensor refers to the measured pipe using special opening tool without stopping production in online drilling, is an installation method that the sensor and the measured medium are in direct contact to achieve flow measurement, the sensor solve the outer binding sensor in pipeline measurement of thick dirty pipe is not easy to receive the signal and a long time to measure the signal attenuation problem, has the characteristics of non-stop production installation, maintenance-free and independent of pipe diameter, no pressure loss and so on. The pipe material is carbon steel or stainless steel can be welded directly for installation, pipeline can not be directly welded, such as special cast iron, glass steel, square hoop, PVC cement pipe should be equipped with a special pipe can be installed, in order to prevent leakage. When ordering, please provide the exact diameter or circumference of the pipe under test.


Model and technical data:

Technical parameter

Standard Insertion type


Extended insert type 

              (for cement pipe)

Applicable caliber

DN80mm above


Ball valve and probe: stainless steel 316L; ball valve base: ordinary carbon steel (stainless steel optional)

Operating frequency


Method of installation

Z method

Applicable temperature


Hole Size

Φ19mmthe installation is to use the special hole opener provided by the manufacturer, and can be installed with pressure without stopping production)

pressure rating

1.6MPaInstallation pressure<0.8MPa)

Level protection

IP68(can be soaked in water,water depth ≤3 meters)

Installation space

Side wall to pipe wall≥550mm

Side wall to pipe wal≥700mm




Media type

A single, uniform, steady fluid capable of transmitting ultrasonic waves, such as water, sea water, sewage, alcohol, and various oils.

Medium turbidity

≤20000ppm, the bubble content is small

Applicable pipe

Carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, glass steel and other uniform and dense pipes, allowing lining.

Signal cable

100 meters beyond the recommended special SEYV75-2 type single shielded cable, can be lengthened to 300 meters, wiring cable should be applied to increase the anti interference of metal casing, cable and cable and not parallel, try to avoid the frequency interference.

*All products can be customized according to customer requirements.

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