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Introduction of Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

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The cleaning of medical equipment is a prerequisite for successful sterilization, and cleaning is a prerequisite for cleaning because the organic matter attached to the equipment cannot be thoroughly cleaned. On the one hand, bacteria will form a biofilm on the surface of the equipment and prevent the sterilization medium from passing through. Permeability, leading to failure of sterilization; on the other hand, certain components of organic matter can corrode the coating on the surface of the device. The medical industry in my country used ultrasonic cleaning equipment 10 years ago. The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a branch of the ultrasonic cleaning machine series. It can thoroughly clean all kinds of stains on surgical instruments and accessories in the medical industry, without leaving dead corners, and solving manual cleaning methods. The problem of incompleteness, the working frequency of each ultrasonic transducer is generally 28KHZ-40KHZ, and the power is 50-60 watts. The high frequency and low power can ensure that cleaned medical equipment is not damaged.


Structural types of medical ultrasonic cleaners

1) Medical single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine. 

Mainly realize a single cleaning function, need supporting equipment such as boiling, drying, etc. Generally applicable to surgical instruments, dental handpieces, inspection containers, glass slides, test tubes, biochemical inspection utensils in dentistry, laboratory, disinfection center, operating room and other departments, Syringes, bottles, disc containers, and another high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning with high cleanliness.


2) Medical multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine. 

Based on single tank cleaning, the cleaning process is added. Generally, there are prepreg tanks, cleaning tanks, rinsing tanks, boiling boxes, drying boxes, etc., which are suitable for endoscopic surgical instruments (various soft and hard inner Mirror and accessories), biopsy forceps, cutters, high-frequency electric knife, lithotripter, foreign body forceps, cell brushes, guide wires, contrast catheters and high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning of surgical instruments in the operating room


3) Medical automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine. 

After the program is set, the technological processes such as enzyme soaking, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, spraying, automatic oiling, and hot air drying are automatically completed without manual intervention. It is mainly suitable for cleaning and disinfecting large quantities of equipment in hospitals, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of staff.

ultrasonic cleaning transducer

The advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine and traditional manual cleaning

1) Good cleaning effect. 

The use of a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean can not only replace manual hand washing but also can meet the requirements that manual hand washing cannot meet. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jets cannot meet the requirements of some instruments with uneven surfaces, small blind holes (such as needle points), and high cleanliness requirements. The cavitation effect of ultrasound also promotes the chemical reaction and accelerates the dissolution of the surface film of the instrument, and the cleaning effect is more thorough.


2) High cleaning efficiency. 

Traditional manual cleaning needs to soak the recycled instruments with multi-enzymes, manually brush, rinse or clean some bottles with a brush machine, which can be said to be time-consuming and laborious, and the impact of human factors cannot guarantee the cleaning quality of the instruments. When using a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning equipment is soaked in the multi-enzyme cleaning solution, and then directly put into the cleaning tank, and the cleaning agent is placed in proportion, the temperature and timing are set, and the cleaning work can start automatically.


3) Hygiene and safety. 

The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of pollution-free equipment. The whole process is a pure physical cleaning process, which is safe and reliable, does not produce electromagnetic waves and radiation, and is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the cleaning fluid directly cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes the medical machinery, without human hands touching the cleaning fluid, eliminating secondary pollution. It can also effectively isolate bacteria and viruses for medical staff to protect the safety and health of medical staff.


The future development trend of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

1) The 2009 announcement of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China in the “Specifications for Cleaning and Disinfection of Hospital Supply Rooms” clearly requires that medical ultrasonic cleaners must be used in various medical treatments to eliminate the hazards of pollution and hazardous materials to operators. In the context of continuous improvement of the medical system, medical ultrasonic cleaners have gradually become one of the necessary equipment in hospitals.


2) Ultrasonic cleaning, as an emerging cleaning process, has obvious advantages in terms of cost and cleaning effect, and a single cleaning function can no longer meet the needs of hospitals, so small single-tank medical ultrasonic cleaning machines will slowly Withdrawal, and multi-tank, fully automatic medical ultrasonic cleaning machine will become the mainstream of the market. Many hospitals have adopted medical ultrasonic cleaning machines as their new disinfection and cleaning equipment.


3) With the increasing number of manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machines, the ultrasonic cleaning industry and the market are relatively chaotic. With the deepening of industry standardization, specialization, and segmentation, more cleaning machine manufacturers will join the medical ultrasonic In the ranks of cleaning machines, the market competition of medical ultrasonic cleaning machines will be more intense, profits will return to rationality, and the degree of standardization will become higher and higher. Then service and quality will be the invincible fundamental position of the enterprise.

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