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Ultrasonic metal flaw detection-ultrasonic transducer

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Ultrasonic metal flaw detector is a portable industrial nondestructive testing equipment, it can quickly, easily, without damage, accurate inside the workpiece a variety of defects (including longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, loose, pores, slag, etc.) detection, positioning , Assessment and diagnosis. Can be used in the laboratory, can also be used for engineering site.

All the particles of the medium are linked to each other by elasticity. A particle in the medium vibration, can stimulate the vibration around the surrounding particles. The propagation process of vibration in elastic media is called wave. Wave, there are electromagnetic waves (radio waves and light waves) and sound waves (or mechanical waves). Acoustic waves are elastic waves that can propagate in gases, liquids, and solids. It can be divided into fractional acoustic waves, audible sound waves, ultrasonic and special ultrasonic waves.

Ear can hear the sound waves between 20-20000 Hz. The frequency of more than 20000 Hz, the human ear can not hear the sound waves, called ultrasound. The higher the frequency of sound waves, the more similar to some of the characteristics of optics (such as reflection and refraction law).

Widely used in boilers, pressure vessels, aerospace, aviation, electricity, petroleum, chemical, offshore oil, pipeline, military, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, metal processing industry, steel structure, railway transportation, nuclear power, universities industry.

Ultrasonic wave in the detection of materials in the transmission, the acoustic properties of materials and changes in the internal organization of the propagation of ultrasound have a certain impact on the extent and conditions of the impact of ultrasonic detection of material properties and structural changes in technology known as Ultrasonic testing. Ultrasonic detection methods are usually penetrating method, pulse reflection method, tandem method and so on.

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