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Piezoelectric Composite Materials

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Piezo composite material

Piezoelectric composite material is a multi-phase material, which is a new material composed of piezoelectric material and high molecular polymer through a composite process. This material not only retains the characteristics of the original components, but also has the luck of not having the original component material through the composite structure. Generally, the piezoelectric composite material has a high piezoelectric constant, a low acoustic impedance, small electromechanical coupling coefficient and excellent flexibility.


According to the connectivity of ceramic-compatible polymer phase, there are more than 10 kinds of types. The most widely studied and applied are 1-3 type piezoelectric composite material. It is arranged in parallel with the one-directional piezoelectric phase pillars in a three-directional polymer phase matrix according to a certain design rule, and the upper and lower electrode faces of the piezoelectric phase of the composite material are perpendicular to the piezoelectric ceramics. 1-3 piezoelectric composite materials have the characteristics of low acoustic impedance, low mechanical Q value, controllable piezoelectric phase distribution and good flexibility.



In recent years, the company has developed a series of high-frequency transducers for the needs of high-frequency acoustic equipment, and developed a series of high-frequency transducer and arrays, which are used in many high-frequency equipment, such as anti-frogman sonar, series ADCP, series bathymetric side-scan sonar, image sonar and so on.


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