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Piezo Ceramic Sphere Element PZT-5 Material Factory Manufacturer

Piezoelectric ceramic sphere element
Outer diameter: 90mm, thickness: 2.7mm

Piezoelectric Ceramic Sphere and Hemisphere Components

Piezoelectric ceramics components are electromechanical transducers. They can convert mechanical energy into erlectrical energy and vice-versa. Piezoelectric ceramics components are used in a variety of electromechanical transducer in a wide frequency range.piezoelectric ceramic shpere and hemisphere cxomponents are made by PZT-4 material, this material range is ideally suited for ultrasonic  cleaning, sonar, and other high power acoustic radition applications.


Feature:Good stability

              High sensitivity

              Accurate measurement

Applications:All round underwater transducer 

                      Sonar transducer

                      High sensitive ultrasonic surveying

90*2.7mm sphere element test paramaeters:

Item Resonance frequency Antiresonance frequency Bandwidth Capacitance Impedance Kp d33


21498 23820 2322 49.95856 1.8 0.523


2 21366 23700 2334 51.74668 1.85 0.526 370


1.material:PZT-4 A modified binary zirconium titanicmaterail.low dielectric loss and mechanical internal friction,a high electro-mechanical coupling factor and piezoelectric moulds.

2.size : Example: JDCQ-P41-201700 , outer diameter is 20mm ,inner diameter is 17 ,thickness is 03mm, others the same as this.

3.Prices is our favorite factory price without include express fee.

*All products can be customized according to customer requirements.

Weifang Jude Electronic Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramic components, we have been engaged in this industry for 20 years, we have our own factory, experienced technical staff, we achieves the ISO 9001 Certification.

We cooperate with the domestic first-class universities, establish a professional piezoelectric ceramic R&D room, with all this support, we can provide the best product quality and best service.

Research and development

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