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How to customized piezo ceramic element?

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How to customize piezoceramic components?

Look for a professional piezo ceramic element manufacturer.


China Piezoelectric Ceramics Manufacturer

China Piezoelectric Ceramics Manufacturer


What materials and requirements should be provided for customization?

Provide product specification (size, shape, tolerance, material, electrode mode), quantity, preferably with drawings.


What is our trading process and production?

  • The formal contract shall be signed after the product specifications are confirmed correct.

  • Payment terms: full payment in advance.

  • Delivery time: generally around 30 working days, depending on the quantity and specifications of the product.

  • Sample time: generally around 30 working days, depending on the quantity and specification of the product.

  • After the product is finished, it will be sent to international express, which usually takes one week to transport. Fedex, DHL, Ups, TNT and special line are generally selected.


In what fields and products are piezoelectric ceramic tubes mainly used?

Suitable for high sensitivity, high power, omnidirectional, flaw detection, ranging and other fields and products, such as nondestructive flaw detector in the construction industry, Marine fishing sonar sensor.


Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube Element

Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube Element


Factors to consider when customizing piezoceramic components

  • Material

Because there are many types of piezoelectric materials, select the required materials based on the parameters. If you can not choose by yourself, please specify the specific use of ceramic components you need, and then we will help you choose according to our experience. If the usage description is not clear enough, it will lead to material selection deviation or delivery delay.


  • Detailed purposes


  • Shape and size

Product length, width, diameter, thickness and other size information, unit is mm, if you are very strict about the size, please inform the tolerance range. If you provide a reference product, please inform us of the brand and model of the reference product.


  • Frequency components

Here refers to the resonant frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic element itself. In the case of vibration in the specified direction of thickness, the frequency is often related to the thickness. If thickness and frequency conflict, please specify the frequency or thickness first.


Note: is not the transducer or sensor finished center frequency, the center frequency does not mean the piezoelectric ceramic frequency.


  • Electrode/coating

Electrodes are generally divided into both sides and single sides. If the electrode is single sided, please provide drawings. The coating IS usually silver or nickel plated. If there is a thickness requirement for the coating, please also inform the thickness value.


  • Wire

Wires can be installed. If wires need to be installed, please inform the specific length of wires, installation position and installation direction (horizontal and vertical).


  • Custom number

It is divided into the number of samples required for the test and the expected batch number after the sample test passes.


  • The vibration direction

You can inform the vibration direction according to the demand. The most common vibration direction is thickness direction, diameter direction and length direction.


  • Additional information

Irregular shape of the component customization needs to provide detailed drawings, and other supplementary explanatory information.


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Other applications include length measuring, oil well measuring, flow meters and underwater sound, sonar, etc. A good reputation has been built on the quality, reliability and coherence of the products.


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